The reticent volcano keeps His never slumbering plan —
Confided are his projects pink To no precarious man.

Emily Dickinson

Indonesia is the land of the volcanoes. Some of the most active and dangerous mountains exist in Indonesia. Indonesia sits at what is called the “Pacific Ring of Fire” where the Eurasian Plate, Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate meet and grate against each other. This region is the most geologically active part of the world and prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Because of these eruptions, the lands surrounding the mountains are usually rich in minerals and extremely fertile for farming. Naturally, human beings settle down in these areas in spite of running the risk of living near a volcano. This makes for an easy access to the mountains as there are settlements near by.

Here in, i want to show you the 14 most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia that i plan to climb over the course of my climbing.

Why 14 only when Indonesia has more than a 100 volcanoes? The picture below shows the sheer number of volcanoes that are spread across Indonesia.

From Wikipedia

Out of these, 14 are more than 3,000m in height and is a good cut off for making an objective of climbing. It is easier to accomplish things when there is an objective. It makes planning easier.

15 volcanoes

The 14 volcanoes are spread across the various islands of Indonesia. Having scaled highest two of the 14 mountains, i hope to scale the rest of the 12.

1. Mount Kerinci (3,805m)

Kerinci is the highest active volcano in Indonesia and stands at 3,805m.


It last erupted in 2009 and still continues to spew out ash clouds. I had climbed this mountain back in 2013. You can read it here. The climb can be done from the nearest village of Kersik Tuo. The full climb takes two days with an overnight tent camping at 3,500m. To Reach Kersik Tuo, you need to fly to Padang and take a 7 hour ride.

2. Rinjani (3,726m)


Rinjani is a massive mountain and is still active. The main mountain erupted sometime back in 1257ad causing a global impact on weather and temperature patterns called the “Little Ice Age”. Today, a smaller volcanic mountain within the caldera called “Gunung Baru” that seems to erupt quite frequently, as early as May 2010.

I had climbed Rinjani in Mid 2013. You can read about it here. This one is a tough climb.

Overall, the trek may take about 3/4 days with the closest village being Senrau. You must fly to Mataram and take a vehicle to reach Senaru.

 3. Semeru (3,726m)

From Wikipedia

Semeru, Also called Mahameru, is a massive volcano that is constantly spewing out ash and dust clouds at a predictable frequency of 20 to 30 minutes. It is in a state of near constant eruption since 1967.

Details on climbing Semeru are here.

4. Slamet (3,432m)

From Wikipedia

Slamet, located at Central Java is an active volcano that last erupted as recently as September 2014.

Details on climbing Slamet are here.

5. Sumbing (3371m)

From Wikipedia

Another Volcanic mountain in Central Java. Last known eruption in 1730 AD.

Details of climbing Sumbing are here.

6. Arjuno-Welirang (3,339m)

From Wikipedia

Last erupted in 1952, it has been inactive since, but not dormant. It is actually considered the “Twin” mountains of Arjuno and Welirang, each above 3,000m at the summit.

Details of climbing Arjuno and Welirang are here.

7. Raung (3,332m)

From Wikipedia

Having erupted as early as July 2015, this mountain is a relatively safe climb and is very acessible from a village near by. The true summit requires technical climbing skills with ropes to reach.

Details of climbing Raung are here.

8. Lawu (3,265m)

From Maestrobali

This is considered one of the easiest mountains to climb with a well laid out path. It last erupted in 1885 and has since been inactive.

Details on climbing Lawu is here.

9. Dempo (3,173m)


Last erupted in 2009, this mountain has a whopping 7 craters on the summit.

Details on climbing Dempo are here.

10. Merbabu (3,145m)

From Wikipedia

Last erupted in 1979, this is not an active volcano.

Details on climbing Merbabu are here.

11. Agung (3,142m)

From Wikipedia

The highest mountain in Bali. It last erupted in 1963/64 period.

Details of climbing Agung are here.

12. Sindoro/Sundoro (3,136m)

From Wikipedia

Last erupted in 1971 with increased activity reported in 2011/12.

Details on climbing Sindoro are here.

13. Iyang-Argapura/Argapuro (3,088m)

From Wikipedia

No recent activity has been reported on this mountain. The last unverified eruption was more than 500 years ago. This is considered one of the most isolated mountains to climb.

Details on climbing Argapura are here.

14. Cereme/Ciremai (3,078m)

From Wikipedia

Last erupted in 1951.

Details on climbing Cereme are here.