Since i plan to do Kilimanjaro next year, i was looking around for some information and i found a lot. But, what better way to digest the information than some cool infographics. Here, i have included some of the nicest Kilimanjaro infographics that i can find with some really bits of information.

1. Mahlatini Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographics

2. AllWonders Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographic

3. Exodus Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographic

4. Peak Planet Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographic

Note that some of the infographic belongs to trekking agencies. I do not endorse them in anyway. But i found their infographic to be cool.

If you find some other nice infographic on Kilimanjaro, please share it here and i will put it up.