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About Me

Prasanna S

My name is Prasanna and i come from Chennai, India and currently living in Singapore. Climbing has never been one of my interests for the better part of my life. But that all changed when i went on a trip to Sri Lanka. There i decided on a whim to go up the Ravana Caves. It was then that i completely fell in love with the experience and thrill of going on such wilderness treks. Combine that with climbing mountains and then there was no turning back.

Climbing Record (Till Date)

  1. Ravana Caves, Sri Lanka
  2. Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
  3. Mount Kerinci, Indonesia
  4. Mount Rinjani, Indonesia
  5. Stok Kangri, India
  6. KhardungLa, India
  7. Markha Valley Trek, India (Yet to write…)
  8. Yushan, Taiwan
  9. Xueshan East Peak, Taiwan
  10. Xueshan Main, Taiwan
  11. Trus Madi, Malaysia
  12. Elbrus, Russia
  13. Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia (new route)
  14. Mt. Welirang, Indonesia
  15. Mt. Arjuno, Indonesia

About this Site

With this website, i would like to write and aggregate content for those who are really interested in climbing but are not professionals. Part of what i write is from my own experiences in the various treks that i have undertaken. But more than that, i would also like to share content from the internet that are relevant to climbing.

I have referenced content using links and references from the internet which i have attributed to the best of my knowledge. If there is any attribution that i have left out, please leave me a message and i will look into it as soon as i can.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i have enjoyed writing about it.