My Reads

The following are the books that i have read.

Seven Summits

by Dick Bass (Author), Frank Wells (Author), Rick Ridgeway (Author)

384 pages

This is a book about two businessmen with nothing more than a amateur’s experience in climbing taking on the highest mountains in all the continents. What comes to be known as the 7 summits.

Together, they take on an adventure that tests their physical and mental resolve along with the challenges of organizing and managing such as huge undertaking.

Considering the amount of effort that is required to carry out such an endeavor, this book beautifully summarizes the whole undertaking while keeping the reader riveted with intricate details on the mountains as well as the thoughts, feelings, friendship and camaraderie between two unlikely climbers.


Touching The Void

by Joe Simpson (Author), Tony Colwell (Editor), Chris Bonington (Foreword)

192 pages

Joe Simpson and his close friend Simon Yates climb a perilous cliff in the Andes. In an unexpected turn of events, one of them gets seriously injured on the way down. The whole book delves on a daring descent through bad weather, handicapped companion and a test on human endurance.

I loved reading this book because you literally get into the skin of the two climbers. Their explanation of each action, thought, fear, pain and conscience gives you a feeling that you are there with them. You can feel the wind blowing on your face and each page keeps you riveted to the story. If you like to read a technical book on mountaineering, this is the one for you.


Into Thin Air

by John Krakauer (Author)

368 pages

This is a must read book for those mountain buff and Everest enthusiasts. John Krakauer provides a chilling account of the worst Everest disaster that occured in May 1996. He was part of the expedition from Adventure Consultants that planned to climb Everest.

A first person account of what happened on the fateful day and the days that followed written from a journalist’s perspective. This is a must read for those who love anything about Everest or have recently seen the movie “Everest”.

John Krakauer has done a great job in this book, but at the cost of attempting to novel-ise the incident with a villian which is the guide, Anatoli Boukreev from Mountain Madness, another expedition that summitted on the same day.

Anyone who reads this must also read “The Climb” by Anatoli Boukreev.


The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest

by Anatoli Boukreev (Author), G. Weston DeWalt (Author)

416 pages

This book is an account of the same Everest disaster in May 1996 as written by Jhon Krakauer in Into This Air. However, this is dictated and written by Anatoli Boukreev, who was a guide in the Mountain Madness team that had successfully helped all their clients summit and safely brought them back.

This is an alternative perspective of the same incident and is a must read if you are reading “Into Thin Air”. There is considerable conflict between the two since the disaster, and even after Boukreev’s tragic death in Annapurna Nepal in the winter of 1997.


No Way Down: Life and Death on K2

by Graham Bowley

288 pages

A gripping tale of the worst disaster on the world’s second tallest and more dangerous mountain. Graham Bowley, being a journalist and not present during the disaster delves into the minds of the people who were there. The story shows, on a rather less technically detailed way, the incidents that took place on August 2008.

The lacks technical depth, but is a great read from the perspective of the characters and the overall incident.


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