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4 Awesome Kilimanjaro Infographics

Since i plan to do Kilimanjaro next year, i was looking around for some information and i found a lot. But, what better way to digest the information than some cool infographics. Here, i have included some of the nicest Kilimanjaro infographics that i can find with some really bits of information.

1. Mahlatini Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographics

2. AllWonders Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographic

3. Exodus Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographic

4. Peak Planet Infographic

Kilimanjaro Infographic

Note that some of the infographic belongs to trekking agencies. I do not endorse them in anyway. But i found their infographic to be cool.

If you find some other nice infographic on Kilimanjaro, please share it here and i will put it up.

Climbing Elbrus (5,642m), Russia – Video Compilation

It has been more than a month since we summited Elbrus and thoughts are getting a bit hazy on the beautiful Trip. However, thanks to Boon Leong, our climbing buddy on Elbrus, they have been caught in this wonderful video compiled by him.

The video captures the best of everything from pictures to small clips that were taken from our mobile cameras and GoPRO devices. The background music is from a CD on Russian folk songs Boon Leong purchased during one of our shopping escapades at Cheget Market.

Climbing Elbrus (5,642m), Russia – Last Few Days

Rest Day at Terskol

Following the summit day, we were to spend the rest of the day in Cheget. So, we got up and after a quick breakfast, headed off to Cheget market and lazed around.We went for some shopping to bug some souveniers and also buy the Elbrus T-shirts that we had promised ourselves earlier on.

There was a very good cosy shop run by Ms. Zulfiya, who spoke very good english and had a wide collection of items. The good thing about this shop was that, she accepted Euros and returned change in Roubles or Euro. This came in very helpful when we ran out of Roubles that we had converted. We got some T-shirts, souveniers and stickers from her. We also managed to buy an English book on Elbrus.

12021838_975306382527817_1853654380_n 12032513_975305582527897_1117920356_n 12047393_975306602527795_860873425_n

We visited the pub that we had celebrated the night before and took a photo of it. A nice little place run by a mafia-looking but very nice boss.


Following that, we took a stroll across the other side to Terskol and got ourselves some Elbrus T-shirts.


The rest of the day was spent lazing around the town or in the hotel. Towards the evening, we started packing for our trip back to Moscow the next day. I did not have much energy to pack anything neatly, so i just split the clean clothes and the dirty ones and stuffed everything into the duffel bag and i was done in 10 minutes flat. I went to the lobby and was soon joined by our group to surf the internet. We took a group photo with all of us wearing the same T-shirt.


By that time, Dash had come to the hotel without official certificates and presented it to each of us among much applause from the others in the hotel lounge.

After the certificate ceremony, we went out for a short drink and called it a day. We went back to our hotels and slept for the long trip back to Moscow.

Trip Back to Moscow

The next day, we got up early and again, after breakfast the van was outside with Dasha. We packed our bags into the van and boarded it after having said good bye to hotel owners. Dasha was to accompany us to the airport, where she would drop us off and pick up another group of clients from Korea. She was to go to Elbrus again in another two days.

After a 3 hours drive to Mineralyne Vody, we boarded the plane back to Moscow.The view from the plane was nothing but flat plains as far as the eye could see. Not a single mountain or even a bump in view. A contrast from where we just came.


We reached Moscow by 4pm. The trip from the Airport to the Hotel was pretty bad considering that we caught the evening after office hours traffic. The traffic was slow moving and by 6pm we had reached our Hotel – Hotel Wega.



It was plush hotel with a lot of tourists and soon we were taken up to our rooms. It was a 5 star experience compared to the Hotel in Cheget or Barrel’s Hut. But somehow we missed those places.

We decided to meet downstairs in an hour and head to Kremlin. We took the metro to Kremlin. The metro is in pretty good condition and getting around should be ok. However, not many of the metro staff speak english. We used the map and looked up the similarity of words to get in and out of the train.


At Kremlin, we roamed around a bit, had dinner in one of the food markets in a shopping mall and took photos.



By 9pm, we headed back to our hotels. I and Uantchern were to fly back to Singapore the next day while the rest make their way to St. Petersburg.

Flight Back to Singapore

The next day, we woke up early to make our way to the airport. Unfortunately, we again were in the middle of the morning office commuting traffic and movement was slow. Luckily we had planned for this and had started early.

After some shopping at the airport to dispose of our Roubles, we left for Singapore. Leaving a wonderful experience and country.

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