The Mountain

Elbrus (5,642m) is Europe’s tallest mountain and one of the 7 summits. It is located in the Caucasus Range near the border between Russia and Georgia. Elbrus, is considered a non-technical mountain, but it’s height and weather conditions make it quite deadly for those who underestimate it or are ill-prepared.

Going for Elbrus was on my plan since 2014, but due to illness i had to cancel my trip. So, it was only natural for me to attempt it again in 2015. So, i signed up with Ace Adventures Singapore to try it this year. There were another 5 people who were ready to climb. So, the team was formed. An introduction of the team is necessary as each played a critical and fun component of the entire trip.

There was:

  1. Vinnie (Ace Guide from Ace Adventure)
  2. Benson (Ben)
  3. Boon Leong (BL)
  4. Uantchern (Head Hunter or HH)
  5. Changjian Chen (CK)
  6. Myself

The Plan

The plan is to climb Elbrus from 2-August 2015 to 12-August-2015. A total of 1o days (excluding flight days from and to Singapore). Preparation for the climb was well underway with a lot of running, sprinting, jogging and stairs climbing with 10Kg load every week. We were briefed very well by Vinnie throughout the training sessions. Just a few weeks prior to the climb, there was a complete gear check so that items that needed to be purchased can be done well in advance and also a list of items to be rented at Elbrus can be noted down too. For me, i needed Crampons, Ice Axe, Ski Goggles, Thermos and Mittens.  Most of the items, i was able to borrow it from friends. Some of them, i was going to rent it out.

All of us had to apply for visa. So, we went online to download and fill in the application form. We had to print it out and along with all the supporting documents and passport sized photo, we had to submit it in person at the Visa processing agent. It took about 5 working days before we could get the visa. The fees payable depends on the country of the person. It was important to get an invitation from the local tour operator who was assisting us in the climb. One thing about the visa is that, the locations where you will be staying (not transiting) has to be mentioned exactly as in the invitation letter. Anything that is out of that invitation letter gets your application rejected. This was something that happened to us. Just make sure that the application is accurate before submitting it and making payment. The processing agent will verify it for you.

Since there is a lot of say about Elbrus, i will be breaking down the blog into multiple posts for each of the dates.

Day 1 -Reaching Cheget

Day 2 – Terksol Observatory Acclimatization Trek

Day 3 – Mount Cheget Acclimatization Trek

Day 4 – Barrel’s Hut and Trek to Prijut 11

Day 5 -Pashtukov Rocks Acclimatization Trek

Day 6 – Rest Day at Barrel’s Hut

Day 7 – Second Rest Day at Barrel’s Hut

Day 8 – Summit Day

Day 9/10/11 – Post Summit Days