Kinalabu from Trus Madi

It is a real welcome news that Kinabalu is open for business from December 2015. After a devastating earthquake measuring a magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter Scale, Kinabalu saw an unprecedented level of destruction and 18 fatalities. Being a very popular mountain in Malaysia, Kinabalu sees climbers throughout the year because of it’s tropical weather and its easy accessibility. The Earthquake caused severe damage to the mountain and its topography.

Mount Kinabalu Donkey Ears

Since then, the mountain has been closed for renovation works.  The terrain seemed to have been changed resulting in the need to find new paths up to the summit – Low’s Peak. In September 2015, the mountain was partially open for trekkers to climb up to Laban Rata from Timpohan trail.

On 30th of October 2015, The Malaysian government announced through the local Borneo Post, that of the two pathways to the top, Ranau will become open for climbers in December 2015 and Kota Belud will open subsequently. They have been working hard by getting international assistance as well as the much needed help from the locals who know and understand the mountain.

I hope that people will flock to this beautiful and mystical mountain. The wonderful locals need our support. And what better way to support them than to go back to the mountain. I look forward to climbing mount Kinabalu again, the one that opened my life to the world of climbing back in 2012.

Meanwhile, you can still “climb” Kinabalu from home using Google Street View as reported by VulcanPost. Local mountain guides, also known as Malim Gunungs, strapped on portable Google Street View devices and walked the mountain.

Mount Kinabalu using Google Street View

From SABAH, Malaysia Borneo Facebook page

You can see the Google Street View here.